Laura Waligorski
San Diego, California

Baby Pool Game

(click the duck image above to enter Anna and Joel Bailon's Baby Pool game!)

NEW!  Anna & Joel Bailon Wedding, April 9, 2011 

Anna's Bridal Shower, February 19. 2011

Amsterdam in April 2009

Seattle, WA in January 2009

Burning Man, Aug/Sept 2008

Seattle, WA, July 2008

Las Vegas in April 2007

Texas in May 2007

Burning Man, Aug/Sept 2006

Baltimore, MD in December 2006

Boston, November 2006

Idaho trip, November 2005

Mum's 60th Surprise Birthday Party, October 2005

Europe trip early summer 2005

Idaho trip September 2004

Italy vacation May 2004

Kayla & Oz pictures

New York trip January 2004

Family Reunion event in November 2003

Baltimore, Maryland trip November 2003

Arizona trip in February 2003

France vacation in August 2002

Ireland vacation in February 2002

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